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Lactation Mooesli Granola – best lactation snacks

Lactation Mooesli Granola

AED 97.79



Our Lactation Mooesli has been specially formulated for breastfeeding mamas, packed with milk enhancing ingredients. It is lactation consultant approved to increase breast milk.
This delicious Mooesli is combined with aromatic coconut flakes, healthy cranberries and magical milky ingredients. Start your morning with milk making galactagogues, both crispy and yummy!
Milky Makers® Lactation Mooesli has an incredibly delightful taste, not too sweet and packs a real crunch. Perfect for breakfast but also as a topping on yogurt, salads or… ice cream! 100% vegan, with no added sugar!


Milk Boosting. Tasty. Fulfilling.


  • This pack is 500 gram
  • We do not use brewer yeast and all treats are halal.
  • Consumption: Not more than 2 bowls a day to prevent engorgement
  • Store Shelf life: 6 Months

Make sure to pump or breast-feed 10 to 12 times in 24 hours for the ultimate result.

AED 97.79

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